7 tips on cargo theft from trucks

7 tips on cargo theft from trucks
Criminal gangs are increasingly stealing cargo from trucks. Unfortunately, transport companies do not report incidents often enough. Reports increase the chance of suspects being arrested or cargo being found. Reports can also help prevent cargo theft in the future. Do you as drivers face cargo theft? Then make sure you know what to do. We have listed some tips for you.

7 tips on what to do if you are a victim of theft

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Remember what the robbers look like and – if possible – get the registration of their vehicle.
  3. If abroad, report the incident to the (local) police as soon as possible. In the EU, in the event of a flagrante delicto call 112.
  4. Contact your employer and – if you are abroad – your embassy or consulate.
  5. Check what has been stolen but without erasing any traces left in the process.
  6. Take photographs of the damage caused, the loading space and the surrounding area.
  7. Make sure that the police collect trace evidence at the scene of the crime. This is necessary for insurance purposes.

TAPA EMEA Intelligence System (TIS)

To protect the supply chain from transport crime, TAPA publishes cargo theft figures and data every month. But because many criminal incidents are never reported, it is difficult to show actual losses in the supply chain. So it is important to report cargo theft. Besides reporting to the police, you can also report cargo theft quickly, easily and anonymously through the TAPA EMEA Intelligence System (TIS). You do not need to provide any company or personal information when doing so. You can also instantly view all reported incidents via the Cargo Crime Monitor.

Preventing cargo theft?

Knowing what to do in cargo theft is useful, but it is better to prevent theft from your truck. Take, therefore, security measures as a transport operator. The police give more priority to cases where demonstrable measures have been taken. We have listed some tips to prevent cargo theft for you.

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