This is our history

We were founded by grandfather Jan Bloemers in 1947 to rebuild, sustainably protect vital infrastructure in the Netherlands, creating a basis for a better standard of living and thriving economy.

From petrolatum tapes for protecting against rust in 1947, to protecting people and resources, improving efficiency and making business processes sustainable today.
This is our history...

The founding

After the devastating Second World War, the Netherlands was recovering. But the underground infrastructure was in terrible shape. It had to be renewed and sustainably protected. Because only reliable distribution of essential resources such as water and energy could improve the population's standard of living and revive the economy. The Haarlem entrepreneur Jan Bloemers saw it as his goal to make a decisive contribution to this.

In 1947, he therefore founded the International Metal Protection Company, or Imbema for short. The aim of the company; to help the Netherlands rebuild its battered infrastructure, protect it permanently and thus make it reliable for a long time.

Jan Bloemers and his staff introduce the Netherlands to DENSO® petrolatum tapes, known in the market as "Densoband". The invention of a Berlin pharmacist, plays a decisive role in protecting underground gas and water pipes from rusting through. We are making a name for ourselves not only in the Netherlands, but also internationally as the company specialising in corrosion protection below and above ground. An expertise we still have and are very proud of. Even petrolatum tapes, in its modern form, is still used.

The office in Mauritsstraat, Haarlem (NL)

Imbema Denso warehouse, Haarlem (NL)

Expansion into industry, transport and logistics and Belgium

Under the leadership of the second generation, Jan's son Robert Bloemers, we are further expanding the range of products and services. Not only for underground, but also for above-ground infrastructure, the water and energy sector, industry, the green and agricultural sector, transport and logistics, road building and construction. Together with technical trading companies, we set up a solid distribution network for our products. From the Erpe-Mere location, we help customers in Belgium and Luxembourg with our products and services.


Nowadays, with Alexander Bloemers as CEO, the third generation of the family business is at the helm of our company. In the meantime, our offering has evolved considerably.

Thus, we do much more than supply a valve, energy meter, mudguard, trailer lock, chemical hose or high-pressure cleaner. We focus on solutions that help our customers achieve their goals. That includes services. From installation and maintenance of assets to data collection and exchange. From training our customers' employees to get the most out of their investment to developing new products and services together with them. To best serve our customers, our company is divided into two divisions by 2023:

Energy & Industry Division

From this division we offer the water and energy sector, process industry, machine and equipment construction, construction industry, road construction, greenery and agricultural sector a variety of products in the field of piping technology, infra, measurement and control technology, lubricants, cleaning, personal protection equipment and climate control. But also a wide range of support services such as maintenance and repair, calibration, certification, testing and training.

Transport & Logistics Division

From this division we offer bodywork and trailer builders, van installation, workshops and transporters a sophisticated range of products in the field of vehicle construction for light and heavy transport, load security and advanced load securing for transporters. In addition, various support services such as assembly, certification, product development and training.

Energy & Industry Division and headquarters in Haarlem (NL)

Energy & Industry Division in Vlaardingen (NL)

Transport & Logistics and Energy & Industry divisions in Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel (NL)

Transport & Logistics and Energy & Industry divisions in Erpe-Mere (B)