Anti-slip mats; increase safety and save costs

Anti-slip mats; increase safety and save costs

Anti-slip mats are indispensable when securing cargo. By using anti-slip mats, you increase the friction between the load and the carrier. Your cargo is less likely to slide and is better protected from damage. When you use an anti-slip mat in the right way, you increase the friction resistance, so you need fewer straps and reduce loading time. In addition, anti-slip mats are a lot cheaper than lashings. So when securing cargo, it is better to buy anti-slip matting than to use extra lashings.

Cutting costs with anti-slip matting

When using approved anti-slip mats, you can count on a coefficient of friction of 0.6. This means you need a lot less webbing to secure your load. This not only saves money, but also time. Because properly attaching straps can be quite time-consuming. In addition, anti-slip mats are also a lot cheaper to buy than straps.

Forms of anti-slip

Various types of anti-slip are available for proper cargo securing.

Anti-slip matting in tile form

Tiled anti-slip mats are very suitable for use under pallets. They are very user-friendly, quick to store and take up little storage space.

Anti-slip mats on rolls

With the anti-slip mats on rolls, you can quickly under-mat the loading floor of an entire trailer.

Anti-slip plywood

Stop wood with anti-slip is a friction-increasing material for transporting prefab concrete blocks, loose pipes, pipe packs, steel carriers, concrete-steel mats and other goods that are not suitable for pallets. The stop wood also acts as a spacer when placing stacking forks or forks during loading and unloading.

Wear of anti-slip mats

You can use anti-slip mats frequently, but be aware that wear and tear causes a decrease in friction. It is therefore advisable to handle anti-slip material with care. When driving a forklift or pallet truck over the anti-slip mat, the material loses some of its resistance. This also happens when dirt or grease gets onto the anti-slip material. An anti-slip mat therefore only works optimally when securing loads if the loading floor and the load that will be placed on it are clean, dry and grease-free.

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