AUTOTRASPORTI VERCESI only uses SBS locks on its trailer doors

AUTOTRASPORTI VERCESI only uses SBS locks on its trailer doors

Customer case

Autotrasporti Vercesi

Autotrasporti Vercesi, part of the Bomi Group, is a dedicated logistics service provider. The company is one of the market leaders in the transportation and handling of temperature-sensitive, sensitive and high-grade products. As an important part within its overall security chain, Vercesi uses our SBS trailer locks on the doors of its 145 trailers, which is not only effective against theft, but also works well against intruders. We asked Paola Vercesi why they opted for the SBS locks.

“Seventy percent of our trailers are transporting medication and products internationally every day, and the client wants that medication and those products only to be transported with additional security”, explains Paola Vercesi, General Manager of Autotrasporti Vercesi S.p.A. “For the majority of the products, you then have to consider air-conditioned refrigerated transportation of medications, for example. But because some are transported in deep-cooled and others in non-refrigerated conditions, all our refrigerated trailers are suitable for loading in multiple temperature zones.”

TAPA certified with SBS locks
Vercesi has raised the security of its entire logistics chain, including the warehouse and the surrounding grounds, to the internationally recognised TAPA level. “That means working in accordance with a fixed certified protocol, but also placing specific requirements on physical security. Aside from a satellite monitoring system on the vehicles, we have heavily secured the trailer doors with the SBS locks on top of the standard lock, making us TAPA TSR 1 certified.”


“Our aim is to reduce the number of criminal incidents to zero. Since the SBS locks were fitted, we are seeing a significant drop in the number of incidents. That is exactly the result we had in mind and we are very pleased with this.”

Paola Vercesi | General Manager Autotrasporti Vercesi S.p.A

SBS Inlock trailerlock

Vercesi has thereby opted for our SBS locks. “SBS has developed a good reputation and is known for its innovative solutions. We have fitted both an electronically operated and a mechanical lock on all our rear doors. The main security feature is the electronic SBS Inlock lock. The lock is operated using what is known as a rolling PIN code. Geofencing is another possibility, which only allows trailer doors to be opened at pre-defined places, such as at a customer’s premises or at customs. You can also unlock the SBS Inlock lock remotely from the control room. That can be quite a process, but it is also a security measure for emergency cases”, explains Paola Vercesi.

SBS Turtle mechanical lock

Just the electronic SBS Inlock trailer lock alone offers extremely good security, yet it also has one drawback: “The lock is so nicely integrated that there is no evidence of it on the outside”, explains Paola Vercesi. “This means that criminals destroy your entire door before they realise that they are unable to enter the trailer. In order to stop this kind of damage from happening, we have had another mechanical lock installed: the SBS Turtle lock. The SBS Turtle works with a high-quality padlock which is concealed by a lock housing. This lock itself already offers excellent additional protection, but above all it also has a clear signalling function. Because just imagine: you are planning to break in and you see all of those SBS locks on the doors and one door doesn’t have one, which one would you choose?”

Decrease in criminal incidents

Paola Vercesi is very pleased with the results with the SBS locks. “Our aim is to reduce the number of criminal incidents to zero and to prevent us from being surprised by stowaways in our trailers. The latter is a requirement held by all of our customers. They are afraid of the goods becoming contaminated. Since the locks were fitted, we are seeing a significant drop in the number of incidents. That is precisely the result we had in mind and we are pleased with this. The investment is a good addition to our entire range of security measures. It is also great that SBS in Europe provides the most complete range of security measures. We are now looking to see how we can offer our customers even greater assurance with these measures.”

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