De Jong betonboringen installs 40 Gatelock van locks

De Jong betonboringen installs 40 Gatelock van locks
Customer case


Assendelft-based De Jong Betonboringen specialises in concrete drilling and cutting asphalt and concrete. To carry out this work on site, they have many expensive tools in their vans. These tools were regularly stolen from the vans. After two years of misery and thousands of euros' worth of damage, Mike Krom, director/owner of De Jong Betonboringen, was fed up. He started looking for a strong van lock to secure the cargo spaces of his vans, as an alarm does not help. After comparing locks, he soon arrived at Gatelock van locks. He had Gatelock locks fitted on all the doors of his 40 vans. This helped, as no more break-ins occurred. In the latest issue of construction magazine, he tells his story.

Thousands of euros of damage from van break-ins

"Because of all the break-ins in our vans, we had thousands of euros of damage in two years," Mike Krom says. "Then I was completely done with it! Not only does the insurance cover this kind of damage only up to a certain amount. They also said they didn't want to insure us at all anymore. We had even hired a detective agency through the insurance company. They had not only photographed the criminals in the act, but had also managed to get hold of all their details. We were able to hand over a complete report to the police. But they did nothing with it. Incomprehensible, zero response! So we had to take measures against cargo theft ourselves. I started comparing all kinds of locks. Only when I got the Gatelock van lock in my hands did I feel like: 'I believe in this'. Moreover, a colleague had also fitted them and he was very positive about them."


"After several thefts of tools from my vans, I was done with it! I had Gatelock locks fitted on all the doors of my 40 vans. It helps and gives me a lot of peace of mind!"

Mike Krom | Director De Jong Betonboringen

Gatelock van locks work preventively

For Krom, the advantages of Gatelock locks are clear. "Firstly, they are mounted visibly on the outside of the van. This works preventively, because it looks difficult for a thief to break in. But it is also physically a very strong lock that resists drilling out. Besides, a little criminal knows, you can hardly cut them. Because of the choice of material, your grinding wheel will fill up and do nothing. In addition, the lock is CNPP certified. That is the highest level of security. Furthermore, operation is simple. When you close the door, the Gatelock locks automatically. It can only be opened from the outside with the key. But should the door fall shut while you are in the cargo space, there is an emergency release. Otherwise you really won't get out!"


Is the cost of extra van locks worth it?

Whether fitting extra van locks is not expensive? "That's not the right question," Krom believes. "Of course 80 of those locks do cost something. But above all, you have to ask yourself what you gain from it. In our case; that we can fulfil our agreements. We have very specialised equipment, which after a theft from a van is often not replaceable the same day. But there is a client waiting for us. Also, after a theft, you lose your van for days for repairs and spend hours on the report."

More information about Gatelock van locks?

Check out our Gatelock page or contact our van technology specialist Jeroen Rovers. He will be happy to help you with the right product, technical advice or a suitable solution.