Do the lashing eyes in your trailer conform to DIN EN standard 12640?

Do the lashing eyes in your trailer conform to DIN EN standard 12640?
If you want to secure your load correctly, it’s important that your vehicle is fitted with sufficient certified lashing points, as the weight forces that occur when the vehicle brakes and accelerates are transferred to these lashing points. A poor-quality grommet won’t just cause damage to the grommet or the vehicle; it can also cause unsafe situations and accidents. Needless to say, you will want to avoid this! Which is why lashing points, just like tie-down straps, must meet technical requirements, as laid down in the EN 12640 standard. So please ensure that you use DIN EN 12640 certified grommets at all times.

DIN EN 12640 lashing points standard

Standard DIN EN 12640:2000 describes what requirements a grommet must meet and how many lashing points a trailer must have in order to secure the total load capacity of the vehicle.

What kind of lashing eye do I need?

The standard does not state what type of grommet is best to use, as it depends on the type of load you are transporting. To secure light pallets, a 2T grommet will suffice, but to secure machinery and steel cylinders, for example, you will require a grommet with a heavier capacity. Our specialist will be happy to advise you.

Certified lashing eyes

If your supplier says that the lashing eyes he’s supplying have been tested in accordance with the DIN EN 12640 standard, this must be stated on every grommet. What’s more, your supplier must be able to give you a certificate upon request. However, it still remains difficult to check whether the load of the grommet is actually correct, because do you know when your supplier last checked it.

To make it as simple and safe as possible, we have developed a range of certified lashing eyes. We have a 5-tonne, 8-tonne and 12-tonne lashing eye available. These are tested according to guideline DIN EN 12640 and are inspected with each shipment from our supplier. As a result, you are always guaranteed good quality. The eyes show the maximum tension force, our logo and the DIN EN number.

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Lashing point instruction sticker

In addition, we supply lashing point instruction stickers, on which the tractive force is stated in daN. These stickers must be clearly visible on the vehicle, so that inspecting authorities can quickly check whether the lashing points are used in the correct manner. Using a lashing point instruction sticker saves a lot of trouble and time during an inspection.

Looking for the right lashing eye?

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