Expansion SBS service network in Italy and Poland

Expansion SBS service network in Italy and Poland
In order to offer our SBS clients an even better service, we are going to set up a service network covering Europe. The first step has already been taken. Two branches of TIP-Trailer Services Italy in Milan and TB Truck & Trailer Serwis Sp. Z.o.o. in Wolica Poland have now officially become service dealers for Imbema’s SBS security & monitoring solutions. With this we increase the service possibilities of the SBS trailer locks in Northern Italy and Poland.

Covering service network

The mechanical and electronic SBS trailer locks are increasingly finding their way to European customers. A great development! In order to offer these customers the service they need, we are going to set up an Europe-wide service network. After all, professional assembly is important for obtaining TAPA certification. In addition, the more advanced locks, such as the Inlock series, require periodic inspection and maintenance. This is the only way that a haulier can prove that its equipment is in order. And meets the requirements of its customers and TAPA. Periodic checks also prevent a worst-case scenario involving a door not opening.

TIP Trailer Services SBS service dealer

We have now trained and certified four mechanics from TIP Trailer Services in Milan, so that they may expertly assemble and service the SBS locks. TIP Trailer Services in Milan has 750 units for hire, of which 100 trailers are fitted with SBS locks. It sees an increasing demand for well secured trailers. For example, Vercesi, a transporter of temperature-sensitive, sensitive and high-value products, wants to use only trailers equipped with an electronic SBS Inlock lock. This SBS lock not only prevents theft, but also works well against intruders.


"We regard the collaboration with Imbema as an opportunity to further increase the service level to our customers."

Giorgio Noce | Country manager TIP Trailer Services Milan

Fewer break-ins thanks to SBS locks

TIP’s country manager Giorgio Noce, speaks of an obvious win-win situation. “Of course, a better secured trailer is slightly more expensive to rent. A better secured trailer is of course somewhat more expensive to rent. Which is good for us. But our customers gain the most from secure locks. The feedback that we have received so far and what we are seeing in our workshops is that there is less damage being caused as a result of break-ins. Servicing is therefore proving to be an obvious business model. We definitely intend to continue growing as a leading service dealer of SBS products.”

TB Truck & Trailer Series Sp. Z.o.o.

Mechanics in Poland have also completed the service training. TB Truck & Trailer Serwis Sp. Z.o.o. has even already started the service work for a large fleet specialized in air freight services throughout Europe. A good service system in Poland is not only useful in Western Europe, it is also the gateway to Eastern Europe.

SBS service dealers

In the map below you will find our service dealers in red.

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