GVT equips 3 plywood combinations with SBS security solutions

 GVT equips 3 plywood combinations with SBS security solutions
Customer case

GVT Transport & Logistics

GVT Transport & Logistics (meanwhile acquired by ID Logistic) specializes in providing road haulage services in the Benelux. Every day, its busy fleet of more than 375 trucks transports shipments throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg within 24 hours. GVT had 3 new plywood bodywork combinations built by Hertoghs Carrosserieën to add to its impressive fleet. Because GVT was transporting goods of an increasingly high value, they equipped their combinations with extra security. The box trucks are fitted with our SBS tailgate security system and the trailers are fitted with our electronic BDI locks. We asked Fleet Manager Jordy Versteijnen why they chose these SBS solutions.

Preventing cargo theft

“Customers with high-value goods are requiring more and more security for them during transportation, such as who does – and doesn’t – have access to the cargo. A logical request as high-value goods are susceptible to theft. And as a shipping agent and certainly as a haulier, that is something that you want to prevent. At the same time, we want to give our drivers a greater sense of security when they are carrying particularly valuable cargo. So we decided to fit the tailgates and doors on our new combinations with electronic locks. As a result, criminals will leave our trucks and move on to look for an easy target."


“Our drivers are more than satisfied with the electronic SBS locks on their trucks. This extra security makes them feel safer. They can load and unload their cargo safely and stow the trailer anywhere without having to worry about it being broken into.”

Jordy Versteijnen | Former Fleet Manager GVT

The solution: SBS sloten

In our search for the right solution for our trucks, we soon came across the SBS security solutions from Imbema. We had also received good references about your organisations. It didn’t take us long to make a decision!”
“The box trucks with a tailgate were fitted with the SBS IQ tailgate security system. This is a sealing and access control system in one. The trailers are fitted with an SBS BDI electronic lock solution. Both locks are operated by means of a transponder. Every action is logged so that you always know who is responsible for transportation and when. You can also personalise or block access to the locks. All in all, the perfect combination for transporting particularly valuable cargo safely and securely."

SBS sloten op GVT vrachtwagens

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