LEMAN achieves TAPA TSR 1 certification with help from KRONE FLEET

LEMAN achieves TAPA TSR 1 certification with help from KRONE FLEET

LEMAN pharma transport

LEMAN, founded in 1900 in Copenhagen, is a global logistics company specialising in pharma transport. Here, quality and safety are very important. To meet the strict standards of its pharmaceutical customers, they were the first Scandinavian carrier to be TAPA TSR 1 certified. For this, KRONE FLEET had 100 trailers fitted with our electronic SBS locks and supplied software to monitor the locks. We developed this software together with TComm Telematics. We talked to Jan Rørby Wiitanen, Business Development manager at the Pharma Road & Healthcare division, and asked him why they chose this lock solution.

TAPA TSR-1 certificering

‘Safety and quality are paramount in LEMAN's Pharma division. Many of the products we transport have a high value and can potentially save lives. Therefore, it is important that we always listen carefully to our customers. In recent years, our customers have launched a number of new and exclusive products on the market, requiring their suppliers to comply with the TAPA TSR-1 standard. This required us to have our trailers (which we lease from Krone Fleet) fitted with an electronic locking solution with telematics system. In our search, we quickly came across your SBS electronic locks with telematics.’ says Jan Rørby Wiitanen.

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The SBS telematics system allows us to monitor and manage all other trailer data in addition to the SBS electronic locks.

Jan Rørby Wiitanen - Business Development manager at LEMAN Pharma Road & Healthcare

Elektronic SBS lock

‘We currently have a hundred trailers equipped with your SBS electronic locks. These locks work with a slam lock function. When the driver closes the doors, they are automatically locked. And on arrival at the destination, he can only open the doors with a PIN code or tag. It is even possible to set geofence zones and block tags or PIN codes. This provides an extra piece of security.’

Advantage SBS lock telematic system

‘The main advantage of the SBS lock telematics system is that it uses the T Comm trailer telematics & tracking software. This allows us to monitor other trailer data in addition to managing the SBS locks. For example, you can double track the temperature in the cargo area. This is a demand many pharmaceutical companies have. Within the system, the planner sees all relevant information in one tailor-made dashboard. That works nice and clear!’

Cooperation Imbema & T Comm

‘LEMAN has recently worked with Imbema and T Comm to further develop this telematics system. In doing so, you listened to us very carefully and took our ideas on board. This enabled us to commission an optimised solution that could be retrofitted into our existing fleet. This was done by two Krone Fleet workshops; IPS and Scania.’

You can see a summary of the interview in the video below.

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