Protect your trailer lock and cargo from snow, frost and moisture

Protect your trailer lock and cargo from snow, frost and moisture

Winter weather with freezing temperatures and snow can be quite a challenge for a truck driver. And then when you have safely arrived at your destination with your truck, you want to load and unload as quickly as possible. How annoying then; if you can't get the trailer lock to open or close...

A trailer lock has to put up with quite a lot in these wet cold days. In addition, salt and brine cause wear on the moving parts. Want to avoid problems? Then make sure your trailer lock is well protected. We have a number of maintenance and protection articles in our range that will keep locks and hinges working trouble-free.

Protect your trailer lock with Brunox Turbo Spray®

The simplest solutions to keep a trailer lock running smoothly is to maintain it with Brunox Turbo Spray®. This multi-purpose lubricating spray contains Turboline and has a five-fold action. It is creep oil, lubricating oil, moisture repellent, contact spray, cleaning and protection in one. Thanks to the handy power click system, you can spray very precisely via the tube or just spray widely for surface protection. That makes Brunox Turbo Spray Power-click® economical to use. Packaging of 500 ml.

Article number 10412015

Brunox-turbo-spray onderhoud SBS trailerslot

Rubber protective cap for padlock

This universal rubber protective cap prevents dirt and water from entering the padlock. The rubber cap is designed so that water can get out, but dirt cannot get in. In combination with the Brunox Turbo Spray®, you can easily ensure that your padlocks continue to function properly.

Article number 5284001

beschermkap SBS hangslot

Cover for SBS Turtle trailer lock

When you drive with an SBS Turtle trailer lock on your doors, you are not waiting to replace this expensive security prematurely. That is why we supply a tight-fitting, matching cover for the Turtle lock. This cover protects against splashing dirt and water and the effects of salt. Of course, the padlock also remains in better condition when maintained with Brunox Turbo Spray®.

Article number 10394012

hoes Turtle trailerslot

Cover for SBS BDL trailer lock

The familiar red BDL lock protects the padlock from criminals, but not from dirt and moisture. With the specially designed cover, the SBS BDL trailer lock is protected from splashing dirt, water and salt. If you also regularly inject the padlock with Brunox Turbo Spray®, you can be sure of trouble-free operation.

Article number 10394009

Hoes SBS BDL trailerslot

Insulating thermal covers

Winter weather can also affect your cargo. Freezing temperatures can cause frost damage to the food, flowers and plants you are transporting. You can prevent this by using thermal covers. We supply insulating covers for pallets and roll containers. These thermal covers are ideal for safely transporting temperature-sensitive goods when the conditions outside the trailer do not cooperate. CTTEX-PUR film is very strong and durable. It remains flexible even at very low temperatures. The thermal covers are water-repellent, hygienic and lightweight. Various sizes and models are available. As standard, we supply from stock with a front opening, but the thermal covers are also available with a corner opening or centre opening.


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