Safety first: the story of MCB

Safety first: the story of MCB



MCB is an international metal wholesaler that has been supplying a wide range of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals for the past 75 years. With specially tailored logistics, smart processing and innovative services that optimise making processes, they make it as easy as possible for customers to grow their businesses. At MCB, safety comes first. Safety is a way of life at MCB. All work is carried out safely. Safety is believed and found to be important throughout the company, from management board to shop floor, so it goes without saying that goods are transported safely too.

The problem: the safe shipping of metal

Metal is a delicate and extremely slippery material which is difficult to transport. Pipes may begin to slide and sheets can be of different sizes. MCB was looking for a flexible system in which different types of metal can be transported as safely as possible. Jos Otten explains: “We always used a fixed second end, which is far too static. This end cannot be moved to accommodate a different size, so sheets may begin to slide more quickly.”


With the Multisave cargo securing system, we can transport different types of metals safely and flexibly.

Jos Otten | Fleetmanager MCB

The solution: the multisave cargo securing system

During its search, MCB came across the Multisave system by Imbema, which allows you to be very flexible when it comes to stowing cargo to the front and sides. “The Multisave system has been received very enthusiastically”, says Tino Chel, driver supervisor at MCB. “Drivers are sometimes sceptical when they have to use something new, but in this case, they were positive right away. Each type of goods is securely stowed away, so there’s no chance of them sliding – which is both useful and safe when you come to unloading.” A common response was:“That trailer with those stakes works well. I want a ride.” In addition to being very safe and flexible, another major advantage is that the Multisave system is DEKRA certified. Because we also have customers in Germany, it is useful that the trailers meet the stringent requirements placed on securing loads in Germany.”

Multisave ladingzekeringsysteem

Additional benefit: more efficient loading and unloading

“As soon as the Multisave trailers become available, we will teach the loading team how to load more efficiently”, says Jos Otten. “Using the Multisave system, it is possible to install stakes all over the trailer to safely retain goods in sections, reducing the need for clamping straps. If you lay it out as effectively as possible, the cargo can be raised and it’s faster to load and unload, allowing us to make considerable cost savings. In addition to the safety aspect, this is of course an additional benefit.”

“Now that everyone is so enthusiastic about the Multisave system, we have decided to have a further five existing trailers and ten new trailers fitted with it."

Jos Otten | Fleetmanager MCB

Even more time-saving

In addition to the Multisave system, the MCB trailer is equipped with the Aluflex curtain system. This system also provides a time saving. “No endless fiddling with straps, rubber bands or TIR cables, only one action and the sail wall is open for 10 seconds.In a few minutes the trailer is unloaded and the next trip can be made.This will certainly take half an hour till an hour’s time savings! ”

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