Stay safe on the road with LED lighting

Stay safe on the road with LED lighting
The cargo hold of a van is often fitted with standard lighting when it leaves the factory. That lighting can be extremely limited, making it difficult for you to find your goods in the dark. But why make things difficult when things can also be easy? The standard factory lighting in your cargo hold can be replaced with 1-on-1 interchangeable LED lighting fairly easily. Good LED lighting allows you to load and unload quicker, more efficiently and more safely.

Why LED lighting?

LED lighting is the best solution when it comes to ensuring optimum illumination inside your van. It has considerable advantages compared to traditional lighting. For example, an LED lamp is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and gives it a luxurious effect.

Benefits of LED lighting

A LED lamp doesn’t really get hot, so virtually no energy is lost. A LED lamp only uses 10% of the power used by a standard lamp, saving fuel and therefore money too.
Long service life
A LED lamp has a service life of around 30,000 hours. If the lamps are in use for 4 hours a day, that’s more than 20 years!
In addition to lower energy consumption, a LED lamp is easier to recycle, thereby saving fuel and having less of an impact on the environment.
LED lamps are sturdy and robust. They don’t fail or break easily. They are shock and vibration-resistant whilst your vehicle is on the road. In addition, LED lamps come on immediately and produce an even, strong light.
A LED lamp hardly gets hot at all, making it a whole lot safer. There is no fire risk caused by overheating.
LED lamps are smaller than traditional lamps which makes them ideal for use in vans.
Light output
A LED lamp produces more light than any other type of lamp. Good-quality LED lamps imitate daylight, enabling you to work faster, more efficiently and more safely.
LED lamps are extremely easy to use. They can be dimmed easily, produce an even, strong light, can be replaced easily, are resistant to low temperatures and can be used in conjunction with smart devices and smartphones.

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