Sundström Spray Painter Kit

Article number 1972017

Sundström Spray Painter Kit
Sundström Spray Painter Kit
Sundström Spray Painter Kit
Sundström Spray Painter Kit
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Ready-to-use kit for comfortable and reliable breathing protection, ideal for professional spray painters.


For professional spray painters and painters, there is this Spray Painter Kit. The kit is based on the successful SR 500 air supply system and SR 570 face shield/cap. In addition to providing optimal respiratory protection (nominal protective factor TH3 - 500x), the kit also offers comfort through the continuous flow of clean, fresh air along the head and face. The air supply system operates on a rechargeable battery. The airflow is adjustable, and the system is equipped with various safety features.

Kit Contents:

  • SR 500 PAPR unit
  • Battery and battery charger
  • SR 570 face shield
  • A2 vapour filter
  • P3 particulate filter
  • Prefilters
  • Sealing plugs set
  • 10 pieces of extra Tri-Acetate (TAC) protective visors
  • Carry belt
  • Durable plastic storage case.
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Article number 1972017
Brand Sundström
Order quantity per 1

Suitable for medium Dust
Suitable for medium Mist
Suitable for medium Non organic gases / vapours
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