Parlok mudguards and spray-suppression systems


Parlok is a European manufacturer of plastic mudguards and spray systems for the commercial vehicle industry. Besides mudguards, Parlok also produces toolboxes and mudflaps. Parlok's products are sold around the world through national distributors. We are the exclusive supplier of Parlok products in the Benelux countries. 

Parlok improves road safety with the most cost-effective, durable and strongest products in the market. The products are made of strong and durable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), making them unbreakable. In addition, they are very lightweight and visually appealing. The Parlok Supra splash system meets the requirements of EU directives and has received a type approval number from Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt. Parlok is also ISO-certified for its quality and environmental policy.


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Mudguards and mudflaps for trucks

Parlok mudguards are available in different shapes and sizes. The choice depends on the type of vehicle, the tyres and the specific needs of the haulier. For example, you need different mudguards for trailers with multiple axles than for single axles. Are round Parlok mudguards more suitable for heavy commercial vehicles and do you use flattop mudguards for box trucks. Can't figure it out? Read our blog: 'The most frequently asked questions about mudguards' or contact our specialists.

Parlok mudguards

Parlok is known for its rock-solid mudguards for commercial vehicles. They are all made of highly durable PE-HD plastic. The Parlok mudguards are available in different shapes and sizes, with or without anti-spray and brackets. It is also possible to get the mudguards in colour to perfectly match the look of your vehicle. When you choose a Parlok mudguard in combination with a Supra spray spray system, you increase road safety. The Parlok Supra spray reduces 75% of the water spray thrown up by the tyres and returns it to the road surface. The Supra spray spray systems can be supplied either integrated or separately. It is also possible to brand them with a logo.

Parlok mudguard fastenings

Parlok offers various solutions for attaching mudguards to your trailer or truck. These mudguard brackets and pipes meet official requirements, but are also tested for durability. The vibration test simulates the stress on the brackets and pipes caused by bumpy roads. The vibration frequency is adjusted so that the mudguard resonates and vibrates as much as possible.

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