Dutch champion canicross chooses Easy Aero roof fan

Dutch champion canicross chooses Easy Aero roof fan
Customer case

Paulina Twornicki

Paulina Twornicki is very active in the dog sport, canicross. This involves dog and owner completing a course as quickly as possible. Together with her dogs, Paulina has already achieved great results. She can even call herself multiple Dutch Champion. To perform optimally, it is important that her dogs have good ventilation during transport. That is why we fitted Paulina's van with an Easy Aero roof ventilator. Her dogs now always have plenty of fresh air during transport and arrive fit at their location. We asked Paulina about her story and her experiences with the Easy Aero roof fan.
"It all started when I was running on the beach with my dog 10 years ago. I got into a conversation with someone who was doing the sport of canicross and asked me if that wasn't for me. I had never heard of this sport before but it seemed like fun, so I went to have a look. Never expected that so many years later my whole life would be dedicated to canicross."

Good ventilation very important

"Together with my dogs, we now form a (top) sports team. And top athletes who want to present at their best need the best materials and care. To make sure that the dogs arrive on location in top condition, I have equipped the van with all conveniences. Besides air conditioning, a heater, two 2 kennels with special mattresses and coats, good ventilation is of course not to be missed."

"Many people in this sport have a van with a roof fan. The Le Mans electric roof fan is very popular in this regard. At first, you automatically want to go along with the trend, because everyone has it so it must be good. But since I always want the best for my dogs, I started looking into the different roof fans anyway. And then I stumbled upon the Easy Aero roof fan. Because of its push and pull operation, I was immediately charmed by this fan." says Paulina Twornicki.

Easy Aero hondentransport bestelwagen

No hole in the floor is no draught

"I chose the Easy Aero because my dogs need fresh air at all times. The Easy Aero not only sucks the air out, as many fans do, but it also blows fresh air into the cabin. Thereby, you only need the fan for air exchange and no holes need to be made in the floor of the van. With other fans, which only exhaust, a hole in the floor is recommended. But a hole in the floor creates a draught and I cannot take that risk for my dogs. The double system of the Easy Aero guarantees air exchange, without stiff muscles due to draughts!"


"The big advantage of the Easy Aero roof fan is that you don't need to drill a hole in the bottom of your bus, preventing draughts and stiff muscles for the dogs."

Paulina Twornicki | top athlete canicross

How easy aero work

"I am very happy with the Easy Aero roof fan on my bus. Because hot air is exhausted through one hole of the fan and fresh air comes in through the other, the temperature in the cargo space cools down super fast. Especially if I turn on the air conditioning. The little window in the partition then also allows cold air to go to the back."

"With the Easy Aero roof fan, I have the guarantee, that my doggies always have fresh air. Whether we are on the road or stationary. In fact, the Easy Aero can also be on when we are at a race. The dual system ensures that the air in the bus is always refreshed. With the extra battery, the fan can run for up to two days without being drained."

"The dogs don't have to catch cold in winter either. Besides their coats, they also have a heater. No trip, in any weather, stands in our way now!"
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Collaboration with Imbema

"Imbema is supporting my journey to amazing top performances by sponsoring the Easy Aero roof fan. Everything was super arranged so that the bus would be ready for use. The fitting appointment was at Car Inbouw Delft and the roof fan was on within 24 hours! Here the bus was also immediately fitted with great advertising.

With the Easy Aero roof fan on my van, I attract a lot of attention at competitions. This is partly because of the advertising sticker. People want more information and to know why exactly I chose the Easy Aero. The dual system does not deserve much explanation, just a short demonstration!"

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Explanation of sport and performance

Canicross is a sport in which the athlete and his dog are 1 team. The dog pulls his master and together you complete a course as fast as possible. Together with her dogs, Paulina has already achieved several great results. These started in 2017, when they finished 3rd of the Netherlands at net NK. They didn't leave it at that because bronze could turn into gold and it did! As of 2018, Paulina, together with her dogs, can call herself reigning Dutch Champion. They also competed at world level and are ranked 8th. On to more great adventures!

Note: when transporting animals, you must be very careful. Together with your decorator, decide what is the right solution for your van.

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