Rhiwa Easy Aero roof ventilator

Require powerful ventilation in your van van's cargo space all times?

 No fragile moving parts on the roof - can go through a carwash

 No ground screw required - suitable for electric vans

 High capacity due to powerful push and pull action

Prevent moisture, dirty air and heat in your van

Condensation, dirty air and heat create a bleak working environment. Moisture can also affect tools and equipment. By ensuring that your van’s cargo space is properly ventilated, you can prevent this misery. That is possible with the Rhiwa Easy Aero roof ventilator.

The unique push-and-pull action of the Easy Aero ensures powerful air circulation whilst the vehicle is in motion. Fresh air is supplied through one hole in the roof fan, and dirty air and heat are removed through the other hole – negating the need for a floor duct. This saves a lot of work and prevents damage. Still require sufficient fresh air in your van when the vehicle is at a standstill and driving at a low speed? Then choose the Easy Aero electric roof ventilator.


"The Easy Aero is a unique roof fan that eliminates the need for a ground plug. The electrically powered variant makes the operation of this already efficient roof fan even more efficient."

Marco Bulters – In-vehicle equipment

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What customers say about us

Silvester Keijzer

Silvester Keijzer


"The Easy Aero is really easy. Easy to mount on almost any commercial vehicle. No turning parts and no floor drain required. In short: a beautiful design that works as it should!"

Tim Rijnbeek

Tim Rijnbeek

Accountmanager Ellermeyer

"Because the Easy Aero Electric keeps running even when stationary, this roof fan is very suitable for dog transport ventilation. Excess heat is removed from the van and cool air is drawn in."

Marco Bulters

Marco Bulters

In-vehicle equipment

"The Easy Aero is a unique roof fan that eliminates the need for a ground plug. The electrically powered variant makes the operation of this already efficient roof fan even more efficient."

Assembly in no time

Install the Easy Aero roof ventilator in three easy steps. Download the complete mounting instructions on the Easy Aero roof fan mounting page.

Installatie Easy Aero dakventilator stap1
Step 1

Mark out the holes using the drilling template provided and create the holes in the roof using a 90 mm punch (available upon request).

Istallatie Easy Aero dakventilator bestelwagen stap 2
Stap 2

Place the foam gasket on the bottom of the Easy Aero roof fan and insert the tubes through the holes with the grille on the front.

Installatie Easy Aero dakventilator stap 3
Stap 3

For the basic Easy Aero, screw the cover plate onto the inside of the roof using the screws provided. For the Easy Aero Electric, you will need to install the electric module.

Frequently asked questions


The Easy Aero is suitable for any van. It also fits a van with roof rack (height of at least 55 mm). A separate adapter is available for vans with headlining.
The Easy Aero boasts arguably more capacity than traditional roof fans. The push and pull operation results in a flow rate of 70 m3/hour. The ventilation force is adjustable in strength. You assemble the Easy Aero in no time, thanks to detailed installation instructions and a video tutorial. Due to the geometry of the Easy Aero, no bottom penetration is necessary. Unlike traditional models. Easy!
It depends on what is being transported and in which country. In general, ventilation is mandatory when transporting 'dangerous goods'. The Easy Aero roof ventilator removes moisture, harmful gases or heat in the commercial vehicle and ensures a healthy working environment for the occupants.
Imbema has its own R&D department, where the products are designed, produced and tested. The Easy Aero roof fan was also tested by an independent agency by means of a CFD calculation. This was followed by frequent 'road tests' using advanced equipment.


The Easy Aero is available in black or white as standard. Should you require the roof fan in a different colour, this is possible on request.
Yes, the Easy Aero roof vent can go through the car wash. It has been tested in heavy rain and in a car wash. If mounted correctly, no water will get into the van. The Easy Aero is made of sturdy plastic and shockproof.
Because no rotating parts have been used, the roof fan is less fragile and noiseless. A noiseless fan ensures a quiet and comfortable environment. The electric version has a noise level of 69 dB and can be switched on at standstill or low driving speed.


The assembly instructions can be found on our assembly page.
Should you wish to outsource the installation of the Easy Aero roof fan, you will find reliable companies nearby within our dealernetwerk.


The Easy Aero roof fan is a product of Imbema. Request a quote via the catalogue. To serve our customers in the best possible way, we have a large network of reliable partners to whom you can outsource the installation if you wish. You can find them in our dealernetwerk.
You will receive the roof fan, screws, drilling template and assembly instructions with your order. A punch is available on request.
The price of the Easy Aero depends on the model and installation. Request the price via the contact form. You will then receive an offer by e-mail as soon as possible.
By sending a request for more information to Arjen Kloppers ([email protected]) or contacting him by phone on +31 88 130 66 95.

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