SBS inlock electronic trailer lock

Article number 57INLOCK

SBS inlock electronic trailer lock
SBS inlock electronic trailer lock
SBS inlock electronic trailer lock
SBS inlock electronic trailer lock
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The SBS Inlock series is the most versatile and advanced lock that we have to offer. This way you optimally protect your trailer against burglary and theft.


Due to increasing transportation crime, security requirements for trailers are constantly being updated. The modular structure of the SBS Inlock trailer lock makes it possible to meet these requirements at all times.

Optimum trailer security

The SBS Inlock electronic trailer lock is a unique solution for carriers of high-value goods. With this advanced lock, your trailer is optimally secured against burglary and theft of the goods.

The SBS Inlock lock comes standard with 2 pins, 20 mm thick, that pneumatically lock in the lower frame and left door. But the SBS Inlock lock can be expanded with 2 to a maximum of 12 pins, which lock all around and minimize the risk of burglary.

Suitable for refrigerated vehicles

The SBS Inlock series can withstand extremely low temperatures and is suitable for installing on refrigerated vehicles, without any loss of temperature. 

SBS telematica

When used in conjunction with the IQ access control system, you can set it up to your requirements – both online and offline. If the Inlock trailer lock is linked to SBS telematics, the whole system can be monitored online.

When you link the Inlock trailer lock to the SBS telematics you can monitor it online. You can monitor trailer door status, track truck position, set geofence zones and change lock settings at any time. And, of course, you also get real-time alerts in case of intrusion (or attempted intrusion).

Options SBS Inlock

  • Freightlock (roller door)
  • Anti-lift pins
  • Expandable with temperature, light, motion sensors.
  • Universal telematica solution
  • Various bypass procedures
  • SBS telematics
  • Alarm system
  • TIR line cable clamp

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Article number 57INLOCK
Brand SBS
Order quantity per 1

Type of vehicle Trailer
Type of vehicle Heavy vehicles >3500kg
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