SBS Security & monitoring solutions

Transport security and monitoring solutions

To protect drivers, trucks, containers and cargo from burglary, theft and climbers, we have different types of transport security available. From mechanical locks to electronic locks with telematics and monitoring systems.

TAPA partner

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a trade association that helps minimise losses of goods in the supply chain. Like TAPA, we aim to reduce transport crime and cargo theft. As a TAPA security service provider, we are always up to date with the latest security requirements and know what our locks need to meet. We also offer our customers support in obtaining TSR certification. This is possible with our SBS security solutions. Read more about TAPA certifications.


"SBS has a good reputation and is known for its innovative solutions. On all our back doors, we installed both an electronic, and a mechanical SBS lock."

Paola Vercesi | Director Autotrasporti Vercesi S.p.A



From our R&D department, we develop new solutions and optimise existing products. We listen carefully to the user's wishes. To develop these products, we use our own 3D printer. We also test our products for corrosion resistance and strength. This way, we can always guarantee good quality.


Our standard mechanical locks are easy to install yourself. On our manuals page you will find all the information you need. Besides our mechanical locks, we also supply custom-made products. Our electronic locks, for instance, can be assembled according to your wishes and installed by us. We do this in our own assembly department. We like to think along with you!

Repair / maintenance

We work continuously to improve our SBS locks. This allows us to guarantee high quality. Should you nevertheless experience problems with one of our locks, please report it for repair on our repair page. Our electronic locks require periodic maintenance (also mandatory with TAPA TSR 1). Please contact our certified service partners for this.

Crime in intermodal transport

Crime in intermodal transport Crime in intermodal transport is on the rise. But figures and facts are lacking. To gain more insight, we have created a whitepaper. This whitepaper helps you better understand what intermodal transport means, what happens on the road, where the challenges are and what you can do to prevent crime in intermodal transport. Includes 4 real-life examples with practical tips.


Jordy Versteijnen

Jordy Versteijnen

Fleet Manager GVT

"In our search for the right solution for our cars, we quickly came across SBS' trailer locks. In addition, we received good references about your organisations. So the choice was quickly made!"

Paola Vercesi

Paola Vercesi

Director Autotrasporti Vercesi

"Our goal is to get the number of criminal incidents to zero. Since fitting the SBS locks, we have seen a significant drop in the number of incidents. That is exactly the result we had envisaged and we are very happy with that."

Matej Koči Carrier

Matej Koči Carrier

Transport Solution Coördinator DHL

"For intermodal transport, we deploy extra secure box trailers. These are equipped with a mechanical SBS Turtle lock and electronic SBS BDI lock. This is how we achieve the greatest possible security."

Charles Hermens

Charles Hermens

Teammanager Drivers & Fleet VTS

"For our TAPA TSR certification, we needed to fit our trailers with electronic locks. Since we already buy mechanical locks from you and this cooperation goes well, the choice of the SBS Inlock trailer lock was quickly made."