SBS Turtle mechanical door lock for trailers and containers

Article number 57TURTLE

SBS Turtle mechanical door lock for trailers and containers
SBS Turtle mechanical door lock for trailers and containers
SBS Turtle mechanical door lock for trailers and containers
SBS Turtle mechanical door lock for trailers and containers
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The SBS Turtle trailer lock offers the heaviest possible mechanical security and can be used on standard trailers and containers.


In addition to providing rock-solid security, the Turtle lock also acts as a deterrent. With a visible mechanical lock on your cargo bay doors, thieves are more likely to leave your vehicle. 

How does the Turtle lock work?
The SBS Turtle door lock consists of two parts: one part on the lefthand door and one on the righthand door. The advantage of this is that the lock allows 15 mm space between the doors, so that the doors do not buckle.

The parts are locked with a padlock. Here you can choose between an Abloy Protec PL358 or an SBS PL7000 padlock.

The Turtle is suitable for virtually all container and trailer doors. The stainless steel housing protects the lock completely, making it resistant to attempted burglaries.

SBS Turtle trailer lock features.

- Heavy duty locking system for trailers and containers
- Made entirely of stainless steel
- Anti-rust treated finish with white powder coating
- Visual deterrent for thieves
- Standard you get a different locking lock with 2 identical keys
- Matching keys or a master key plan are available on request (1 key per lock).
- Kiwa SCM Heavy Duty approved
- Suitable for TAPA TSR 2 and 3 certification

Kiwa SCM certified
The Turtle security lock is Kiwa SCM certified, which means that the lock keeps professional thieves busy for at least 5 minutes. The Kiwa SCM quality mark is important to insurers because it proves that a vehicle has been fitted with an approved and certified security device.

TAPA TSR certified lock
The SBS Turtle security lock meets the strict requirements for a Tapa TSR certification. Cargo theft and loss of high-value and pharmaceutical goods is becoming increasingly common. As a result, the requirements for the transportation of these types of goods are also becoming more stringent. With a TAPA certification, you show that the goods in your supply chain are properly secured and that you meet the requirements.

Maintenance Turtle lock
The SBS mechanical Turtle lock, like your trailer, needs maintenance. The simplest solutions to keep a trailer lock running smoothly is to maintain it with lubricating spray. In addition, we have a protective cover and a protective cap for the padlock available. This will protect the lock from dirt and water.

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Article number 57TURTLE
Brand SBS
Order quantity per 1

Type of vehicle Heavy vehicles >3500kg
Type of vehicle Trailer
Type of lock Container lock
Type of lock Trailer lock
Type of vehicle Container
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