VTS obtains TAPA TSR 1 certification with SBS Inlock

VTS obtains TAPA TSR 1 certification with SBS Inlock


VTS Transport & Logistics

VTS Transport & Logistics has specialised in temperature-controlled transport and storage of pharmaceutical and healthcare products for over 30 years. VTS ensures that the products of various leading pharmaceutical companies throughout Europe are able to reach their destination quickly, securely and under the right conditions. To guarantee this, VTS has obtained TAPA TSR 1 certification. For this TAPA certification, they fitted 20 lorries with our electronic SBS Inlock trailer lock. We asked Charles Hermens, Team Manager for Drivers & Fleet, why they chose this electronic SBS solution.

TAPA TSR 1 certification with SBS Inlock trailer lock

Charles Hermens explains: “VTS is an international carrier of high-quality pharmaceutical goods. Our pharmaceutical customers place ever-increasing security requirements on transportation. In addition to a high level of security, they also want to be able to track the location and condition of the cargo. So, in order to meet these requirements, we have obtained TAPA TSR certification. This allows us to show our customers that we are meeting all the security requirements to prevent cargo theft and loss of goods.”

“To obtain this TAPA certification, we had to have our lorries fitted with electronic locks. In the Netherlands, you actually have just two major suppliers, one of which is you. Because we already buy mechanical locks from you and this collaboration is going well, the choice of the SBS Inlock trailer lock was a quick one to make.”


“With the SBS Inlock trailer lock, we offer our cutomers and drivers as secure transport as possible.”

Charles Hermens | teammanager Drivers & Fleet VTS

Advantages SBS Inlock trailer lock

“The major advantage of the SBS Inlock is that you can open the lock with either a lock code or a transponder. This is useful because, in addition to offering high-quality TAPA transport, we also consolidate transport. This sometimes involves us unloading at 20 different locations, and it takes too long to issue a new code each time. Now we can use the trailers fitted with the Inlock trailer lock for other transport too."

"What’s more, with the SBS Inlock trailer lock, you have the option of using geofencing. The trailer lock can only be opened by the driver at pre-entered locations, such as at a customer’s premises or at customs. But you can also use geofencing to send an alert when the trailer deviates from the planned route. This enables us to offer both our customers and our drivers a secure solution.”

Maintaining the correct temperature

“When transporting high-quality pharmaceutical goods, keeping the doors locked is a very important part. On the one hand, for the security of the goods, and on the other hand, in order to maintain the correct temperature. Pharmaceutical goods must be transported air-conditioned and at a particular temperature. When the doors to the trailer are opened without authorisation, this can affect the temperature and the quality of the pharmaceutical goods. The electronic SBS Inlock locks enable us to offer our pharmaceutical customers a secure solution.”

How does the SBS Inlock trailer lock work?

“The SBS Inlock trailer lock is fitted to the inside of the trailer doors. There is an electronic access control system on the outside which the driver can use to open the door with a transponder. This transponder is personalised and issued by us. However, we also have the option of working with a lock code. That is a choice we make together with the customer.”

Episode Dutch television programme 'De Barometer’

In a report featured on the ‘De Barometer’, we, together with VTS Transport & Logistics, explain how you can transport pharmaceutical goods securely with the SBS Inlock trailer lock. And show how the lock works. 

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