Parts for trailer maintenance, repair and installation

For a repair & installation shop, it's important to get trailers back on the road as soon as possible. After all, downtime costs your customer money. We are happy to help you with this.

As a specialized supplier for bodywork and trailer construction, we have thousands of truck & trailer parts in stock in our warehouse. We work with original parts, so you are always assured of the best quality.

In addition, you can order mechanical locks from us to install on your customer's trailer. We have installation instructions available for this. Our electronic locks can only be installed by certified dealers.

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Trailer parts

Other products

In addition to trailer parts, we supply other products that may be of interest to a workshop. For example, it is also important that employees can work safely, healthily and comfortably. Here, personal protective equipment is essential. But a pleasant working environment also plays an important role. And to work optimally, your workshop needs regular professional cleaning.

Our expertises


We have our own assembly department where we can assemble products according to your wishes. These include doors, mudguards, side guards and tyre racks.


From our Service Centre, we work continuously to develop and improve our SBS locks. This allows us to guarantee high quality. Should you nevertheless experience problems with one of our mechanical or electronic locks, please report it for repair.


We continuously monitor the quality of our products. For instance, we have a salt spray installation with which we test our products for corrosion resistance. We use a tensile testing machine to test the strength of our products. So we can always guarantee good quality.

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