Safe transport solutions

These are challenging times for transport companies. The shortage of drivers, high fuel costs, the climate agreement and stricter regulations are driving up costs. This makes working efficiently even more important. In addition, customers are imposing ever-higher security requirements on transport. As a transporter, you can respond to this by deploying smart and safe transport solutions. This is quite a challenge. But we are happy to help!

Increase the safety and efficiency of your fleet

As a supplier to the transport industry, we respond quickly to new developments. We know the market like no other and our specialists are ready to advise you so that you can drive safely and efficiently. This includes standard products, such as mechanical locks, lashing straps and thermal covers. But also custom-made products such as electronic trailer locks, a solution for faster loading and unloading or advice on how to get your TAPA certified.

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SBS trailerlocks
Trailer locks

To protect your vehicle and cargo from theft, we have various trailer locks available. Our wide range of mechanical locks, electronic locks and load monitoring systems contribute to greater security, control and efficiency of your transport. Read more...

Container locks

When transporting containers, you want the cargo to arrive in good condition. That is why it is important to keep the doors closed during transport. With a certified container lock, you protect your container and its cargo optimally against burglary, theft, stowaways and drug crime. Read more...

Ladingzekering producten
Cargo securing

Proper load securing is essential for safe transport. Improperly secured cargo can shift and cause dangerous situations. So it is important to properly secure your cargo and use certified cargo securing products. Read more...

thermohoes pallet transport
Temperature protection

For transporters, we have several products available to protect your cargo from heat and cold during transport. Our thermal covers and thermal walls ensure that this sensitive cargo arrives at its final destination in the right condition. Read more...

Carrosserie- en trailerbouw
Vehicle construction

For bodywork and trailer construction, we have hardware, underbody and superstructure products available. With our components, you put together your own superstructure, with which you can hit the road safely and efficiently. We help guide your application to the bodywork industry. Read more...


To operate optimally, your premises and vehicle fleet need regular cleaning. Effective industrial cleaning increases safety. We have a solution for every cleaning problem. Think of high-pressure cleaners, dust and water vacuum cleaners, scrubbing and sweeping machines and absorbents. Read more...


"In our search for the right solution for our cars, we quickly came across Imbema's trailer locks. In addition, we received good references about your organisations. So the choice was quickly made!"

Jordy Versteijnen – Fleet Manager GVT

Our expertises


From our R&D department, we develop new solutions and optimise existing products. We listen carefully to the user's wishes. To develop these products, we use our own 3D printer.

Customised advice

We think along with you about smart transport solutions and guide your application to the construction industry. The result is a tailor-made means of transport that allows you, as a transporter, to do your work safely and efficiently.

Repair of SBS locks

From our Service Centre, we continuously develop and improve our SBS locks. This allows us to guarantee high quality. Should you still experience problems with one of our locks, please report it for repair.


As a Tapa partner, we are up to date with the latest security requirements and know what our SBS locks must meet. This means you can use our locks to certify your TAPA TSR. We also offer support in obtaining such certification.


In addition to standard locks, we also supply customised products. For instance, our electronic locks can be assembled as desired and you can also have them installed by us. We do this in our own assembly department.


We continuously monitor the quality of our products. For instance, we have a salt spray installation with which we test our products for corrosion resistance. We use a tensile testing machine to test the strength of our products. So we can always guarantee good quality.

Key brands


Charles Hermens

Charles Hermens

Teammanager Drivers & Fleet VTS

"For our TAPA TSR certification, we needed to fit our trailers with electronic locks. Since we already buy mechanical locks from you and this cooperation goes well, the choice of the SBS Inlock trailer lock was quickly made."

Wim van Oort

Wim van Oort

Inkoop & Logistiek Verhage

"When transporting scoop ice cream, preventing temperature fluctuations is essential. In our search for a good solution to this challenge, we came across Imbema's thermal covers."

Jos Otten

Jos Otten

Fleet manager MCB

In our search for a flexible system to safely transport different types of metal, we came across Imbema's Multisave system. With this system, you can put posts anywhere in the trailer, so goods are safely locked in sections and fewer straps are needed."

Jordy Versteijnen

Jordy Versteijnen

Fleet Manager GVT

"In our search for the right solution for our cars, we quickly came across Imbema's trailer locks. In addition, we received good references about your organisations. So the choice was quickly made!"