What types of transport security are there and which do you use for what?

What types of transport security are there and which do you use for what?

Transport crime continues to be a major problem. It is one of the biggest supply chain challenges for shippers and forwarders. According to the latest figures from Tapa, the number of cargo thefts went up again since last year. These thefts cost transport companies in the EMEA region a total of more than 8 billion euros a year. Besides cargo theft, stowaways are also causing more and more damage, leading to ever-increasing costs. It is therefore advisable to protect your truck and cargo against break-ins, theft and stowaways. But what types of transport security are there? And which type of security is the most effective?

Anti-theft protection for trucks

Heavy goods vehicles are regularly stolen. There were 43 thefts last year. You can protect your truck against theft by installing an immobiliser or alarm system. Most insurers require Kiwa SCM approved transport security.

An immobiliser is the simplest type of transport security. It is an electronic security device that prevents a truck from being moved under its own power. An immobiliser has a minimum resistance to attack of five minutes.

Alarm system
An alarm system has intrusion detection and alarm signalling so that the truck has full perimeter protection. As soon as the door contact is broken, the alarm will go off. A class 3 car alarm even has a tilt sensor so that the alarm will also go off if the truck is jacked up or towed. An alarm system has a minimum resistance to attack of fifteen minutes.

Anti-theft protection for trailers

You can prevent trailer theft by fitting mechanical transport security devices such as a kingpin lock or a towing eye lock. A kingpin lock is secured around the ball of a trailer and a towing eye lock is secured in the towing eye of a trailer.

Mechanical trailer locks
You can prevent a trailer being broken into by fitting a mechanical trailer lock or an electronic security lock. A mechanical trailer lock prevents the doors of a trailer from being opened undesirably. A mechanical lock also works as a deterrent. Speed is of the essence for criminals. If they see that a trailer is well-protected, they will quickly start looking for an easier target. Whether a mechanical trailer lock actually works will depend on the quality of the lock and the way in which the driver handles security. Mechanical protection can easily be forgotten, the key may be lost or it can be copied. That is why it is important to use drivers who have been screened and to always choose an SCM-certified trailer lock. It is also important for insurers because it shows that a vehicle has optimum transport security.

Electronic trailer lock
Don’t want to depend on the driver when it comes to protecting your trailer? Then use electronic transport security. With an electronic trailer lock, you are not only providing your trailer with optimum protection but you can also determine when the lock may be opened and by whom yourself. You will also be able to prove that the doors to your trailer or container have remained closed quite easily by means of a report.

Cargo monitoring
Would you like to be able to monitor your locks and cargo online too? Then link your electronic trailer lock to an online telematics system. With the help of temperature, light and motion sensors, you will be able to monitor your cargo in real time and you will also be informed if anything should happen in transit.

Tracking system for trailer

Onboard computers on trucks often come with a vehicle tracking system as standard. This will give you a real-time overview of the current location of your trucks. But such systems do not allow you to keep track of your trailers or your cargo. To trace your trailer, container or swap body, you will need a separate track and trace system. A GPS tracking system is a box that is mounted on your trailer. You can see exactly where your trailers are via an online platform, making it easy for you to locate your trailers if they are stolen. There is a range of tracking systems to choose from.

Other ways to stop your truck broken

into Besides the above-mentioned types of transport security, there are a number of other matters that you should pay attention to if you want to prevent your truck being broken into and your cargo being stolen. Take a look at the 13 tips for preventing transport crime.

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