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Pommier Group has been active in the industrial bodywork market for more than 70 years. It designs and manufactures products for commercial vehicles such as hinges, latches, (towing) bolts, bumper structures, LED lighting, handles, stanchions, fenders and slide-out steps. Pommier has an experienced R&D department, where products are developed based on market knowledge and technology monitoring. In doing so, they are always looking for tomorrow's solution. At Pommier, you will find products that improve user comfort and safety while increasing your company's productivity. Our specialists will be happy to help you.

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Full quality control

Pommier has four production sites. Pommier Dives specialises in precision steel machining; machining, assembly, checking and testing of products. Pommier Neufmanil deals with cutting, stamping, forging, tack welding and assembly of steel products. Pommier Izeron specialises in thermoplastic injection moulding. Pommier Italia focuses on designing and manufacturing stainless steel parts, such as hardware. Its products are known as Furgocar "inox quality".

Stricter requirements for bumper bars

To increase road safety, the EU has amended the bumper bar regulations for trucks and trailers. This is because these stricter requirements affect the construction, height, location and mounting of the bumper bar. But the construction of the vehicle, on which the bumper bar will be mounted, must also become a lot stronger. Pommier has adapted its entire range to the new requirements. The fixed, lifting and retractable underride beams are now approved. Read more about the new requirements.

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