How to prevent driving cargo theft?

How to prevent driving cargo theft?
The police are warning drivers about criminals trying to break into trucks while they are driving along. There have been 5 such incidents over the past two weeks. Although those incidents took place in Germany, all the trucks came from the Netherlands. The police are advising transport companies to be particularly alert to this type of cargo theft and to instruct drivers on what they should do if passenger vehicles start to drive slowly in front of their trucks.

What should you do if you are targeted by thieves while you are driving along?  

If you are the driver of a vehicle and you notice the passenger car in front of you starting to drive slowly, be alert. Always try to change lanes first. If you are unable to do that because both of the adjacent lanes are occupied, try to make a note of the number plate and call 112. Criminals will know in advance what cargo your vehicle is carrying. They may have been following your truck from the distribution centre. It is therefore advisable to also be particularly alert at loading and unloading areas.

How do criminals steal from trucks while they ars driving along?

Thefts from trucks while they are driving along generally always take place on unlit sections of motorway. One car will start to drive slowly in front of the truck while two other cars hold up the other traffic. A fourth car will drive up close behind the truck. One of the criminals will climb out of the car’s sunroof onto the bonnet and break open the lock on the truck with an angle grinder. The valuable cargo will then be transferred to their vehicle. The driver of the truck and other road-users are often completely unaware of what is going on. Watch to find out how this type of theft from a moving vehicle is carried out:

Prevent cargo theft from moving vehices 

You prevent moving cargo theft by fitting an additional security lock to your truck. With a certified mechanical trailer lock, you provide your truck with rock-solid security. In addition, an electronic security lock gives more insight into the condition of your trailer and cargo. Stealing cargo while driving is therefore much more difficult. An extra lock on the rear doors of your truck also has a deterrent effect. Criminals are more likely to grab another trailer and leave your trailer alone.

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