Cargo securing

Safe transport with the right cargo securing

Securing cargo means properly securing cargo so that it does not slide or fall off the vehicle. Proper cargo securing is therefore essential for safe transport. Improperly secured cargo can not only damage the vehicle or cargo, it can also be dangerous for yourself and other road users. The importance of cargo securing is still underestimated in the Netherlands. Even though there are more than 1,500 truck accidents every year due to improper load securing.

After braking at 50 km per hour, a 10-kilo load shoots forward with a force of 120 kilos. Life-threatening! So it is important to properly secure your cargo. Unfortunately, this happens too little in practice. Still 70% of all loads are incorrectly secured. This is usually due to lack of expertise. A specialised cargo securing training can help. It is also important to always use certified load securing products, such as lashing straps, lashing eyes, anti-slip mats and cargo bars.

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"70% of cargo on the road is not properly secured. This usually involves incorrect use of lashing straps or overloading of lashing eyes. More attention to better load securing and safety is therefore necessary."

Niels Bouwmeester – specialist cargo securing

Cargo securing products

Consequences of poor cargo securing


A quarter of all truck accidents are due to incorrect load securing. With dire consequences.

Long traffic jams

A dropped load causes long traffic jams, delayed delivery, annoyance for road users and customers alike.

Material damage

Damage to cargo, the vehicle or even a total-loss declaration and salvage operations.

Bad image

Negative publicity and dissatisfied customers: a dropped load is the last thing you want for your corporate image.

High insurance

Damage to the vehicle causes the insurance company to impose a higher premium or increase the deductible.

Chance of fine

The fine for not securing or incorrectly securing cargo on the vehicle can be up to €2,200.


Jos Otten

Jos Otten


"When cargo starts sliding on our truck, it can cause dangerous situations. The laws and regulations surrounding load securing are also becoming increasingly strict. That is why all our new trailers are equipped with the Multisave cargo securing system. This allows us to properly secure the load and fewer straps are needed."

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