Can you install a roof fan on an electric van?

Can you install a roof fan on an electric van?
In 2025, new combustion-engine vans will be subject to BPM and several cities in the Netherlands are introducing a zero emission zone. As a result, more and more entrepreneurs are switching to electric vans. Because electric vans have a battery pack in the bottom, you need to be extra careful when fitting and equipping accessories. Installing a traditional roof fan with floor plug is no longer possible in an electric van, for example. Fortunately, the Easy Aero roof fan offers a solution. We explain why.

Traditional mechanical roof fans have a rotary exhaust system, where the rotating hood is driven by the driving wind, pulling air out of the cargo space. If you also want a supply of fresh air, you need to combine these roof fans with a floor exhaust. For this, a hole must be made in the bottom of your van.

With normal vans with an internal combustion engine, drilling a hole is already tricky because in the process you may damage the van's exhaust, wiring and brake system. But with an electric van, this is simply not possible because the battery is often part of the bottom and empty corners are also used to house parts of the battery.

But then, is it possible to install a functioning roof fan on your electric van? The answer is yes. Because with the Easy Aero roof fan, you no longer need a bottom drain. The unique push and pull action of the Easy Aero ensures powerful air circulation while driving. Fresh air is supplied through one hole of the roof fan and dirty air and heat are removed through the other.

This Easy Aero roof fan is also available in an electric version. With this, the inside of your van is well ventilated even when stationary or at low driving speed, and you always have a healthy working environment.

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