Safe transport of building materials and equipment

Safe transport of building materials and equipment
On 27 March, it is 'Consciously Safe' day. On this day, hundreds of companies in the construction, engineering and maintenance sector pay extra attention to safe and healthy working. The main focus is on safety on construction sites. But the safe transport of building materials and equipment is just as important. Here, too, things regularly go wrong. In this blog, we give you tips on how to safely transport materials and tools in your van.

Tips for safe transportation of tools and building materials

Load securing van

In the construction and installation sector, materials and tools are often taken to the workplace by employees themselves in a van. If you do not secure these materials properly, dangerous situations can arise. The materials may slide or fly through the van, damaging the vehicle or, even worse, cause an accident. You want to prevent this, of course.
Secure materials and tools properly and safely in your van.

Using an Airline anchor rail, you can fasten Airline beam cargo bars or lashing straps with an airline fitting anywhere in your van. The Airline-Beam 1855 cargo bar is an innovative cargo bar for airline systems. The cargo bar is easy to use horizontally and vertically. 


Good ventilation in the cargo area of your van is very important. Condensation, foul air and heat create an unpleasant working environment. Moisture can also damage tools and equipment. Ventilating your van's cargo space properly will prevent these woes. This is possible with the Easy Aero roof ventilator.

When transporting hazardous materials with a van, it is even more important to fit a good (electric) roof ventilator. Here, make sure you are aware of the regulations according to the VLG (Regulations for the Land Transport of Dangerous Goods). If you carry limited quantities of hazardous substances in your van, the so-called 1000 points regulation applies.

If you also use your van as a mobile workshop or work at night, good lighting is no luxury. The standard cargo space lighting is easy to replace with LED lighting. With an extra work light on your van, you can also work more efficiently and safely in the dark on location such as a construction site. Supplement this where necessary with strobe lights on the roof or in the grill to increase visibility to others.
Rear step

If you regularly get in and out of the loading space of your van, it is safe to fit a step system. This lowers the step height, making loading and unloading (heavy) goods much lighter and safer. A step such as the Easy Step rear step also reduces the physical load on the knees.


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