What types of van security are there and which works best against burglary?

What types of van security are there and which works best against burglary?
Do you own a van? And do you regularly carry valuable items in your loading area? Or have you and your van already been the victims of a break-in (attempt)? Then it would be advisable to provide extra protection for your van. For the standard door locks on a van are easy for thieves to force. In our previous article, we described the methods used by thieves to break into vans. But how can you protect your van against theft? And what types of van security and locks are there? We have listed the options for you below.

Additional alarm system

Insurers often advise installing an additional alarm system on your van. But unfortunately, these are also easy to hack. You would therefore be better to choose a non-electronic van security solution such as an additional lock or locking system.

Steering wheel lock

You can stop a thief from being able to drive your van away by fitting a steering wheel lock. This will also protect your airbag against theft at the same time. A steering wheel lock is placed over the steering wheel, making it impossible to turn. It also serves as a deterrent at the same time. The drawback with a steering wheel lock is that it will only stop your van from being stolen, it won’t prevent it from being broken into. You will need to find a different type of van security for that.

Extra protection for rear doors

The only way to prevent theft from your loading area is to provide extra protection for the rear doors of your van. For a thief can access your cargo quite easily via these doors. You have various options to choose from: tow bar locks, locking systems and security locks.

Tow bar lock

A tow bar lock is a security system that you place over your tow bar. The horizontal bar blocks the rear doors so that they can no longer be opened. The advantage with this lock is that you don’t have to drill a hole in your van in order to fit an additional lock. A disadvantage is that you have to remove the lock manually every time. Not very convenient if you have to get into your van and then close it again several times a day. Tow bar locks are also relatively easy to break open.

Locking system

There are locking systems that you can fit to the sliding door or rear door inside the loading area. The disadvantage with this type of van security is that thieves cannot see the locking system from outside and therefore may still attempt to break into your van. And may cause considerable damage in the process. These locks are also electronically operated, making them possible to hack.

Security lock

You can install a security lock quite easily on the side or rear doors of your van. This type of additional lock – also referred to as an anti-theft lock – is often extremely strong, making it virtually impossible for thieves to break open. A security lock will also deter thieves so that they will quickly move on from your van and look for one without a lock. But what is the most suitable type of security lock for your van?

Slamlock locks
Do you get into your loading area to get things and then lock it again several times a day? Or do you have your hands full during loading and unloading? Then you probably sometimes forget to lock your van again? In that case, a slamlock security lock is essential: it ensures that every time your doors are closed, they lock automatically. A very useful feature if you’re a courier! Of course, you will have to unlock the door manually the next time you want to access the loading area.

Deadlock locks
Do you only access the loading area of your van in the morning and evening in order to get your tools, for example? Or do you use your van as a workshop? In that case, a deadlock security lock is sufficient for your needs. This type of van lock only locks when you manually insert the key into the lock and turn the key to the lock position. The main purpose of this type of lock is to provide extra protection at night and when your van is parked in an unsafe place. Because the security lock is prominently installed on the outside of the vehicle, thieves will quickly choose to move on from your van.

Track and Trace system

Sometimes thieves will steal your whole van so that they can take it to a quiet spot and steal the contents. Then they will abandon the van somewhere out of the way. An additional security measure that you can take in order to protect your van against theft is to install a Track and Trace system. This is a small box which is installed out of sight in your van and enables your vehicle to be located at any time. With some of these GPS systems, it is also possible to keep a record of your journeys.

Other ways to stop your van being broken into

Besides the above-mentioned van security systems, there are also a number of things that you can do yourself in order to stop your van from being broken into. Here are some tips: How a contractor can prevent theft from his van.

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