In-vehicle equipment

Make vans extra safe

The van market is constantly changing. Busier city centres and the climate agreement call for smarter city logistics and zero emission vehicles. To meet the CO2 reduction targets, entrepreneurs are increasingly deploying electric delivery vans. Alongside this, there is also an increased focus on safe and efficient transport. As a van supplier, you can respond to this by thinking along with the customer about smart solutions. Need help? We are happy to think along with you!

Smart accessories for vans

As a supplier of smart accessories for the van market, we respond quickly to new developments. For example, our in-house developed Easy Aero roof fan is very suitable for electric vans, as it no longer requires a ground plug. Together with customers, we develop smart products that increase the efficiency or safety of vans, such as a van rear step. We know the market like no other and are happy to help you with a specific solution.

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Other products

In addition to smart accessories for vans, we supply other products that may be of interest to you as a van fitter. For example, it is also important that your employees can work safely, healthily and comfortably. Here, personal protective equipment is essential. But a pleasant working environment also plays an important role. And to work optimally, your workshop needs regular professional cleaning.


"The great thing about Imbema is that they develop their own products. In addition, we are always looking for the best product-quality ratio. The Gatelock locks and the Easy Aero, fit this perfectly."

Tim Rijnbeek – Accountmanager Ellermeyer

Nieuw: Kommuter mobiele werkplek

Voor monteurs, installateurs, aannemers en andere vakmensen die op locatie werken is het wel zo efficiënt als ze al hun spullen overzichtelijk bij de hand hebben. En helemaal fijn als ze dan ook nog ergonomisch kunnen werken. Met de Kommuter is dit mogelijk.

De Kommuter is een verrijdbare werkplek, die je eenvoudig meeneemt in je werkbus en met één hand uit de laadruimte trekt. Vervolgens rol je al je gereedschap en materiaal naar de plek waar je moet zijn.

Daar verandert de Kommuter met een paar klikken in een ergonomische werkplek. Je hoeft alleen nog maar ergens stroom vandaan te halen. En na de klus schuif je de Kommuter, net als een brancard in een ziekenauto, weer terug in je bestelwagen.  Bekijk de Kommuter in onze catalogus.

Our expertises


From our R&D department, we develop new solutions and optimize existing products. We listen carefully to the wishes of the user. For the development of these products we use our own 3D printer.


In addition to our standard accessories, we also provide custom products. For example, our rear step can be assembled as desired and you can have cargo rails cut to size. We do this in our own assembly department.

Custom advice

We like to think along with you about smart van solutions, so that you can advise your customers even better. Because if you help your customer think things through in advance, you will no longer be talking about extra costs but about return of investment. And about carefree job satisfaction.

Key brands

Mike Krom

Mike Krom

Director De Jong Betonboringen

"After multiple thefts of tools from my vans, I was done with it! I had Gatelock locks installed on all the doors of my 40 vans. It helps and gives me a lot of peace of mind!"

Tim Rijnbeek

Tim Rijnbeek

Accountmanager Ellermeyer

"Indeed, Ellermeyer is always looking for the best product/quality ratio within its product groups. Imbema's products, such as the Easy Aero Electric, match this perfectly,"

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