Which toolbox do you choose for your truck?

Which toolbox do you choose for your truck?
A truck driver cannot do without a good toolbox. These boxes are attached to the outside of a truck. When these boxes are attached under the chassis of your truck, they are also called underbody boxes and when you place them behind the cab, surface-mounted boxes. Tool boxes are available in different materials such as stainless steel, steel, aluminium and plastic. But when do you choose which toolbox? It depends on the type of vehicle, the application you will use the box for and personal preference. In this blog, we explain more.

What do you use toolboxes for?

Tool boxes on a truck are used to safely store tools, straps, anti-slip mats, pallet corners, safety clothes and other materials. Tool boxes also provide space for spare parts in case of repairs on the road. In this way, the driver has everything clearly to hand during his daily work. He does not have to search for things and is less likely to lose materials. He is also no longer bothered by items lying around in the cabin or trailer. Space is saved and damage to the truck due to loose material is prevented. Because you can lock toolboxes properly, your belongings are protected against theft.

Underbody or surface box?

The choice of an underbody or surface-mounted box depends on the type of vehicle and the space you have. On trucks or trailers, you can mount a toolbox on both sides under the cargo space. If these underbody boxes are approved according to the R73 directive, you can use them immediately as side protection. On a low loader or open body, the tool boxes are also mounted on the loading space behind the cabin. Then you call them surface-mounted boxes. Here, you naturally want to use all the available space you have. This can be done by having tool boxes made to measure.

Custom-made toolboxes

Getting custom-made toolboxes for your truck or trailer is quite expensive. But why have custom-made toolboxes, when you can also use standard sizes to close the space behind the cab or under the chassis. With Bawer toolboxes, you no longer need special custom-made toolboxes, saving you money. Ask our specialists about the possibilities.

Bawer custom-made toolboxes


When choosing a toolbox for your truck, quality is very important. A toolbox should be hard-wearing, durable, waterproof and user-friendly. It is very annoying if you are delayed on the road because you cannot open the toolbox or your items are wet. Apart from this, it is important that a toolbox has vent holes to prevent damage to tools due to moisture.

When comparing boxes, also pay attention to the thickness of the material and the welding technique. For example, Bawer Evolution toolboxes, where the seams of the box are welded around the corners, are even stronger and stiffer. It prevents cracks due to vibrations and guarantees an extra long service life.


To increase the user-friendliness of the toolbox, you can opt for dividers and a pull-out drawer. This allows the driver to give numerous smaller items, such as tools, a fixed place. Moreover, this makes it much easier to load the crate to the top. It is also handy to choose a toolbox with gas springs. These ensure that you can safely open and close the lid of the box without it flapping open.

Tool box truck with drawer and gas springs

What materials boxes are there?

Plastic tool boxes

If you want a relatively inexpensive lightweight box that does not rust, the best choice is a plastic tool box. Plastic boxes are great for light commercial vehicles and trailers to store light tools and cargo securing products. However, it is advisable to choose a high-quality plastic box (such as the Lago tool box) that is shockproof and waterproof.

Cheap plastic boxes quickly lose their shape and may leak. It is also useful to choose a box that has a plastic floor plate. This will prevent moisture and mould.

Steel tool box

 Steel toolboxes are a lot more robust and stronger than plastic ones. They can withstand heavy loads and hard shocks. This makes steel tool boxes very suitable for daily use on trucks. In addition, steel boxes offer better resistance to fire, providing extra safety for the stored items.

Black powder coating

Our steel toolboxes are powder coated black. Powder coating offers good protection against rust and corrosion. This makes the steel boxes more resistant to rain, snow and salt. The powder-coated finish also ensures that the boxes are better protected against scratches, abrasion and damage from daily use, which is especially important in rough working environments. This helps keep the toolbox looking new for longer and extends its service life.

Stainless steel tool box

The biggest advantage of a stainless steel toolbox is its corrosion resistance. Stainless steel toolboxes last a long time even under harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow and salty air. Although stainless steel is lighter than other types of steel, it still offers a high degree of strength. Stainless steel toolboxes are therefore resistant to dents and damage from daily use. 

In addition, stainless steel boxes will not deform easily under the influence of heat or cold and are easy to maintain. Dirt, grease and other substances are easily wiped clean, keeping the box looking good.

Brushed stainless steel

A brushed stainless steel tool chest has a matt stylish finish. This matt surface is less prone to fingerprints and minor scratches, keeping it looking nice even with heavy use. So there is less need for polishing. This is especially advantageous for trucks that are on the road a lot and where the appearance is important for the company's image. 

Polished stainless steel

A polished stainless steel toolbox has a shiny, mirror-like finish that makes it look attractive and gives the truck a more luxurious look. The polished surface is easier to clean as dirt and stains are less likely to adhere. On the other hand, you can see scratches and fingerprints on a polished box more quickly, which does require more maintenance. Polished stainless steel tool boxes are often used in applications where aesthetics are important.

The choice between a matt or a polished stainless steel box depends entirely on personal preference and the application for which the box will be used. 

Aluminium tool box

Aluminium toolboxes are popular for their durability and lightweight design, making them easy to handle. Aluminium is a lightweight material known for its resistance to corrosion and its high strength-to-weight ratio. When you want to save weight, it is best to choose our aluminium toolboxes. These tool boxes are up to 50% lighter than stainless steel boxes. 

How do you mount a toolbox under a truck?

Toolboxes can be mounted under your truck in several ways. Mounting kits are available for mounting to the underside of the cargo bed or for mounting to the chassis. The method of mounting depends on the construction of the body and your personal preference. A new method of mounting is using plastic or steel support pipes. This leads to considerable time savings, especially in new series construction. The Bawer Evolution premium toolboxes are even already equipped with a “Fast Mounting” system.

In any case, always make sure that you securely mount your toolboxes so that they can withstand shocks and vibrations while driving.

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